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Want to explore some great digital marketing advice? Digital marketing consultancy; a modern-day solution for businesses to guide them into a well-structured marketing strategy.

Digital marketing consultancy is a delicate role performed by the best marketing professionals. It brings to you a full-blown marketing initiative that helps businesses grow their online presence.

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Businesses who are just adapting to digital marketing can benefit from strategy talk by digital marketing leaders. We aim to provide the right amount of guidance to your online business activities.

We understand the dilemma of businesses looking to implement social media campaigns, develop an SEO strategy, optimize website performance, and at the same time stay relevant in the market. Sit back and observe, while we take care of the planning and marketing strategy with our online marketing leaders!


Stuck with analytical numbers and performance measurement data? It’s time to leave your worries behind as your digital marketing expert, Bhavik Sarkhedi is here for more than just creative inputs.

Bhavik emerges from the hub of digital marketers in Ahmedabad who stays behind to analyse performance goals and analytics.

“Get focused attention in building your business image at minimum payout cost”, a promise that comes from one the best digital marketers in India.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Looking for a push to kick start digital marketing initiatives for your business? We understand a lot of thought goes into selecting a good digital marketing consultant o take care of your online activities. Your digital marketing consultant is here to reduce the confusion and add more strategic plans. Our consulting experts who come to you with marketing ideas have gained a lot of industry experience. As a big or small business, the team undergoes the pain of creating campaigns and then finally analyzing the performance. But we know organizations do not have all the time in the world to do that.

Content Consultant

Content creation is a buzzing noise that every business is vested into making. But is the voice of your content making a difference? A lot of questions and the solution is one piece of advice from a digital content consultant. Today, businesses are not limiting themselves to textual content. We are moving towards a progressive era where visual and audio content is leading the market. Bhavik Sarkhedi, with his years of experience as a content marketer, demonstrates the skills of a content strategy consultant. Whether the problem is big or small, our team of content writing consultancy treats all of them equally.

SEO Consultant

A lot of businesses struggle to understand the complexity behind optimizing the website. We know it’s hard to navigate through keyword analysis, search engine strategy, and website ranking. Businesses looking for full-blown marketing services benefit from the advice of a professional SEO consultant. Our SEO experts stand with you through the mapping and journey of strategy creation, campaign ideas, and tracking performance through various analytical tools. Yes, performance measurement is the key to SEO activities. And the experience of the best SEO consultants in India will help businesses understand the success rate of their website and social media page.
The art of media planning has changed dramatically over the years to meet the needs of today’s consumers.
It’s the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization on the Internet.
A leader is as good as the team. Building a strong and self-driven team is the key to success in any field.

Something about me

A Performance-driven Digital Marketing Professional with 10+ years of experience into handling some of the large scale Fortune 500 global clients in the e-commerce & Online industries (Both B2B & B2C) in different business verticals like Travel & Tourism, Electronics, Gift and Prepaid Card Segment, Apparel, Beauty & Personal Care, School Supplies etc.


A seasoned performance marketer having managed account in Google, Bing, Yahoo Gemini, Baidu etc..


Extensive experience into managing large scale display & remarketing campaigns.


Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, 3rd party campaigns etc.


Organic & paid social media campaigns, Email, Web & Mobile Push notifications strategies


Bumper & In-stream Youtube videos, Blogs & Vlogs, National & Regional Influencer marketing.


Display, E-mail, SMS, Videos & App Install campaigns with publishers.

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Everyone wants a prosperous life and career. We at DMatic Digital offer you that. DMatic Digital is the pioneer in India’s digital marketing industry. With over 16 years of experience and skills, our master trainer Mr. Pritam Nagrale teaches how ordinary individuals, students, retirees and stay-at-home moms or just about anyone can make a lot of money through blogging and affiliate marketing. His unique techniques will help you achieve your goals quickly.

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